The PLO commends the statements of the United Nations decision on Israel's violations

 The PLO praised the bold statements made by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, Michael Link, in which he described Israel’s conduct as an “insult” to modern international law.


 The Human Rights and Civil Society Department of the PLO said in a statement on Sunday that the statement made by Link represents a shining proof of the continuing violations and violations committed by the Israeli occupation authority against the Palestinian people in all its categories.


 The Special Rapporteur’s reference to the obstacles faced by Palestinians in the Israeli legal system, so that their access to justice and equity was elusive, was to emphasize the politicization of the Israeli judicial and legal system in favor of the extreme right-wing policies of the Government.


 She added that the other statements of Link House demolitions, settler violence, detention and placement of children under house arrest based on forced confessions and pollution of the Palestinian environment, such as dumping of hazardous waste in parts of Area C of the Occupied Territory,  Clean water and the health of nearby Palestinian villages, the attack on education services, collective punishment, the siege imposed on Gaza, the revocation of residency as a punishment and restrictions on movement, the continued expansion of settlements, the expropriation of private Palestinian land,  Lin Medical and attacks on health care.  All of these cases serve as a compelling legal case for convicting Israel and trying it before the competent international courts.


 The department concluded by saying that a senior delegation from the Human Rights and Civil Society Department of the PLO headed by the head of the department, Ahmad al-Tamimi, and the membership of the agent Hossam Arafat met with Link in the Jordanian capital Amman last Thursday and put it in the form of all Israeli violations.  To meet them.