Prisoner: They hung me on the wall and threatened to keep me in jail

In a report issued, Thursday, the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners’ Affairs Authority monitored the testimony of the prisoner Halima Khandakji (45) from the town of Deir Sudan, Ramallah District, in which she tells details of her torture during interrogation inside the occupation detention cells.

The authority transmitted, through Halima’s lawyer, the entire statement to the prisoner Khandakji, noting that the prisoner was arrested while she was on the road, and was subsequently transferred to the “Al-Mascoubiya detention center for investigation, and there she was searched naked in the beginning and then transferred to the cells for interrogation.

Khandagji said that “the interrogation rounds that she had spent long hours in a small chair. During her interrogation, the investigators did not stop screaming at her, insulting her with dirtiest of dormitory, while also threatening to keep her in detention and detain her child, to force her to confess to the charges against her.”

She added: “During her interrogation, she was hung to the wall twice, by handcuffing her hands and feet with restrictions attached to the wall, and she was also denied entry to the bathroom, in addition to mocking and insulting her.”

Khandakji noted that “the conditions of the cells that were held throughout the investigation were extremely cruel and not suitable for human life. The cell is very narrow and cold, rough concrete walls that are difficult to lean on, the mattress is thin without a cover and without a pillow, the light is lit 24 hours and irritating, and the bathroom was stinky. ”

It is reported that the prisoner Khandakji is the mother of three children and she is still arrested until now. She is currently suffering from severe back, hands and leg pains due to the torture and ghost she suffered during interrogation.