In a heinous crime, the Israeli army murdered a Palestinian young man and wounded another in Gaza before sending a bulldozer to ram the body of the martyr and hold it.

Witnesses and video footage confirm that the Israeli army opened fire at the two young Palestinians in southern Gaza on Sunday, executing one of them and wounding the other.

Locals and medical teams tried to reach the young men before the Israeli army does. The army, however, sent a bulldozer that rammed and mutilated the body of the martyr Muhammad Na’em before confiscating it.

The video shows the Israeli bulldozer ramming the body of Na’em then hanging it on the bulldozer’s shovel in a barbaric act that stirred wide public outrage.


Locals succeeded to save the wounded young man although of the Israeli heavy fire that wounded many of them.

The Israelis claimed that both young men had explosive devices but the video clearly shows two defenseless young men, who were within Gaza borders. It also shows Israeli vehicles intruding into the strip while other soldiers waiting outside the border.

The despicable crime stirred controversy amid Israelis, not because of its sadistic nature but because the resistance was able to attack the bulldozer, which would endanger the lives of the soldiers for a small price.

The reporter of the Israeli Kan channel wondered about the reasons that pushed the army to “endanger the lives of its soldiers, sending them to confiscate the body of the martyr.”

“Does anyone really believe that pieces of the body of a Palestinian man would be a wild card in a prisoners swap with the resistance”, Gal Berger said.

Elior Levy, a political analyst for Ynet, said that the crime reflects the new policy of the minister of war Bennet, who wants to gather as many bodies as he can to put pressure on the resistance and make a prisoners swap deal.

“Why do they put the life of the military bulldozer’s driver in danger while he could be hit by a cornet missile.”

MK Aida Touma-Suleiman slammed Defense Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday for his strong support of IOF (Israeli occupation forces) soldiers using a bulldozer to prevent the burial of 27-year-old Muhammed Ali al-Na’im.

Calling Bennett “a minister of death and brutality,” Touma-Suleiman said that Israel “steals a body, abuses it using a bulldozer and still claims it has the most moral army in the world.”

And Israel defense minister Naftali Bennett said:“I am tired of the hypocritical criticism of the left against the ‘inhumane’ use by the bulldozer to retrieve the body of a terrorist who tried to murder Israelis. Gentlemen, you are not human.” he said.

“I support the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) troops that killed the terrorists and retrieved the body. It should be done and will be done.”

source: Quds News Netowork + The Jerusalem post